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Here's some site-wide hot topics to get you started picking your personal yes-monkey. To get even closer and personal, take a look around and ask some questions to our consultants to get a feeling for the right kind of sock-puppet. You can jump straight in and ask a random consultant, or you can pick one of our featured consultants from the list:

Question Answer
Is it time for a LFP?
Is magic real?
What time is it?
Who will win the 2004 US presidential election?
Is a hotdog a sandwich?
Is this a bad idea?
Who will win the 2000 US presidential election?
Have smartphones destroyed an entire generation?
Who is the best sportsperson in the world?
What color is a zebra?

Hot topic opinion

What time is it?


Rossi, Liam

Hot topic opinion

Who will win the 2000 US presidential election?

George W. Bush

Ferrari, Bubbles

Hot topic opinion

Astrology or astronomy?


Kowalski, Jesus