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Here's some site-wide hot topics to get you started picking your personal yes-monkey. To get even closer and personal, take a look around and ask some questions to our consultants to get a feeling for the right kind of sock-puppet. You can jump straight in and ask a random consultant, or you can pick one of our featured consultants from the list:

Question Answer
Is magic real?
Cats or dogs?
Is it time for a LFP?
Is a hotdog a sandwich?
Who will win the 2000 US presidential election?
Have smartphones destroyed an entire generation?
Who will win the 2008 US presidential election?
What color is a zebra?
Can I get a witness?
Is this a bad idea?

Hot topic opinion

Is magic real?

We can't be sure it is not

Milosevic, Ellen

Hot topic opinion

Will I die soon?


De Boer, Noah

Hot topic opinion

Who will win the 2000 US presidential election?

George W. Bush

Sanchez, Precious