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What is the question? To be
Is this a bad idea? Yes
jesus is a male or female ? female
Who is the greatest singer ever? Christina Aguilera
Is a hotdog a sandwich? No

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Abortion; yes or no?

No, pro life

Karlsson, Santiago

About Santiago Karlsson

Santiago Karlsson is a 49 years old quite hairy gorilla, who has 3 years experience in the drunk monkey consulting business. Before that, they spent 3 years as a sideshow monkey for a traveling street organ artist. Karlsson's favorite drink is maotai, preferably enjoyed in moderate quantities in the evening.

Karlsson wears size x-grande hats and likes to play flute. Karlsson habitually throws feces 10 (metric) meters and has an Excel proficiency of 7 (on a scale). Karlsson types at 60 words per minute, and their favorite key is 6.

Santiago is born Haitian, and now lives in Cameroon with their partner of 3 years, Jayden Karlsson, and the unhappy couple's 0 children. Karlsson can accelerate from zero to 100 in 14 seconds, and knows 12 digits of pi by heart.

Karlsson's Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is ESFJ, which most clearly manifests in Santiago having blood type B-, and being a capricorn and cat person. Karlsson prefers the underside of the bed. Karlsson's favorite Spice Girl is Baby Spice, and their favorite album is The Original Doll. Karlsson suffers from a mild hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia.